Recruitment and Contraction

“This is a Bank; here you get globally employable resources”

ATG Recruitment and outsourcing is an independent, division of the group. With its Launch in the area of outsourcing of Human resource business function, ATG coined in a new term GERS, ‘Globally Employable Resources’. Incorporated in 2007, the company is driven by Ideals and Zeal, prides itself by providing its clients with the most outstanding Indian Personnel.

As a small company ATG can focus on the individual to guide them through the whole process from receipt of CV or initial contact with ATG to job offer and satisfaction in their new role. By working closely with our candidates we are able to provide our clients with peace of mind in the screening process.

Our Services include:

Permanent Staffiing
      .  Bulk Recruitment
      .  Headhunting

      .  Client Contract
      .  Payroll Outsourcing

Value Proposition


» 100% Client Reference ability
» Dedicated Consultants for Specific domains
» 100% Recruitment Focus
» Financial Strength
» Excellent Networking
» Turn Around Time
» Robust Business Continuity Plan
» Top Management focused on service delivery, ensuring quick decisions
» Competency Based Interviewing


» Detailed JD to be send by the Client based on the requirements.
» Short listing profiles based on the requirements (Both technically & based on HR Angle)
» Interview scheduling & Coordinating with the client for the Interviews
» Reference Check
» Follow up with the client until the candidate joins

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Added Value

With our extensive industry and recruitment experience, we have the ability to interview / screen candidates at all levels and discuss their career in detail. We can then advise them on their career ahead.

In addition, we can have an in depth technical discussion with our clients and be totally familiar with the requirements of the position.

We, only put forward candidates that we believe are suitable for the position and that we have properly screened. No Shortcuts.

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Information Technology

The emergence of Information Technology & Communication industry has necessitated the need for professionally qualified and talented people in the IT sector. As IT is not confined to any particular industry, the sector overlaps with all other sectors including banking, finance, accounting, insurance, legal, etc. Responding to the requirements of the industry, we provide candidates for the various job openings like:

» Software Engineer
» Hardware Engineers
» Network engineers
» Database Administrators
» Web developers / designers
» Enterprise Resource Planning(ERP)
» Data Entry and Computer Operators
» Programmers
» Sales and marketing
» System Designing
» Project managers
» Computer and Information System Manager

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Banking & Financial Sector

In the ever expanding world economy banking & financial sector play a predominant role in regulating and supporting the flow of capital, Realizing this, we at ATG, have over the years generated a pro-active database for banking and financial sector & have been continually catering to the manpower needs of various banks & financial institutions. The various job profiles included in our spectrum of services are:

» Marketing and sales managers
» General and operations managers
» Information systems managers
» Financial managers
» Accountants and auditors
» Credit analysts
» Financial analysts
» Personal financial advisors
» Loan counselors
» Loan officers
» Management
» Computer operators
» Sales & Marketing Personnel
» Office and administrative support staff
» Bill and account collectors
» Bookkeeping, accounting, and auditing clerks
» Tellers, etc.

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Engineering and Construction

The construction industry is passing through a phase of exceptional growth in the current years. Construction companies across the globe are expanding, implementing new-age technologies and hiring more personnel comparatively. In this wide ranging field of construction, we through our construction recruitment services, offer experienced and technically savvy manpower to mechanical, electrical, pipeline and civil areas. The current positions that we are sufficing at present are:

» Civil Engineers
» Supervisors
» Site engineers
» Construction Managers
» Drillers
» Crane Machine Operators
» Mechanic
» Plumbers and Pipe-fitters and more

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FMCG and Retail Industry

Retail industry is passing through a phase of exceptional growth and will continue to grow in coming years. Retail companies across the globe are expanding, implementing new-age technologies and hiring more personnel comparatively. In this field we through our FMCG and Retail recruitment services, offer experienced manpower to Retail operation, Merchandising, Design and technical areas. The current positions that we are sufficing at present are:

Retail Operations:

Retail Directors
Regional Directors, Regional Managers
Area Managers
Store Managers
Assistant Managers
Sales Assistants
Field Personnel Managers, Officers
Training Managers
Visual Merchandise Managers, Visual Merchandisers

Buying & Merchandising:

Buying Directors / Heads of Buying
Buying Managers / Senior Buyers / Buyers
Assistant Buyers / Junior Buyers
Graduate Entry into Buying
Merchandising Directors / Heads of Merchandising
Merchandise Managers/Senior Merchandisers/Merchandisers
Assistant Merchandisers / Retail Analysts
Senior Allocates / Senior Distributors
Graduate Entry into Merchandising

Design, Technical & Sales:

Art workers
Pattern Cutters
CAD Operators
Technologists - Garment, Fabric, Product
Product Developers
Sales Managers - Branded, Contract
Account Managers
Production - Assistants, Managers
Buyers - Fabric, Trims
Wholesale Merchandisers

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» Value Proposition

» Added Value

» Information Technology

» Banking & Financial Sector

» Engineering & Construction

» FMCG & Retail Industry

Our Philosophy

ATG provides comprehensive HR solutions to our clients and is built on the philosophy of the right people for the right jobs.

What makes our service unique is our ability to tailor our services to meet each client's needs. We achieve this by fostering and maintaining a close working relationship with our clients.

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